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NFIA, a Dutch government agency, can be of tremendous assistance in establishing or expanding your pan-European operation. For an overview of our free and confidential services, click About NFIA.  We'll help you discover how investing in setting up your business in the Netherlands pays you dividends all across Europe.

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Europe's Leading Logistics Location

There's no better way to access Europe than through its front door - the Netherlands.  Its strategic location, highly developed transportation and IT infrastructure, efficient customs authorities, and logistics professionals will help expedite your company's success.

Whether you're a Fortune 500 giant or a small company going to Europe for the first time, the Netherlands is the "Gateway to Europe" when it comes to logistics.  Time and again, independent studies comparing European locations for logistics operations have come to this same conclusion. 

A 2014 study by The World Bank found that the Netherlands has both lower import and export costs than its major European competitors, and ranked the Netherlands #2 globally in terms of overall Logistics Performance Index.

Also, out of the 155 countries studied by The World Bank, the Netherlands was rated #2 in the world in Logistics Competence and Quality; #3 in Logistics Infrastructure; and #4 in terms of its Customs Environment.

So, it is no wonder that the Netherlands is home to more European Distribution Centers than all of its competitors combined.

This same organization also found the Netherlands to have a competitive advantage in terms of Logistics Competence and Timelines.

It is this kind of track record that attracts top North American Companies -- from Coca Cola, IBM and Abbott to Forever 21, Boston Scientific, Dawn Food Products and Cisco Systems -- to access Europe via the Netherlands.

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